Police arrest suspects in million-dollar robbery

August 31, 2016

The St Ann police yesterday held five men suspected of stealing $1 million from a motor car in St Ann last Thursday.

Superintendent of Police in charge of St Ann, Wayne Cameron, told THE STAR that the men were picked up after they were observed trailing a customer that had just left a bank in Ocho Rios.

"Three of the men are prime suspects in last Thursday's million dollar robbery," Cameron confirmed.

Last Thursday, a customer withdrew $1 million from a bank in Ocho Rios and later stopped to do some business, leaving his car unlocked. When he returned he discovered that the money missing.

He was one of three persons who suffered a similar fate in St Ann during the course of last week.

Cameron said the suspects were being watched for a while, with the help of surveillance cameras that were installed in the resort town a year ago, along with images from privately owned cameras.

The men are to be questioned in relation to Thursday's robbery, as well as other criminal activities.

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