Road repairs start in Portland

September 08, 2016
Dr Linvale Bloomfield

Road repairs have started in Portland following three days of protest by taxi and bus operators.

A work team was spotted in Ross Craig, near Long Bay, filling potholes with marl, which appears to be the preparation work for the laying of asphalt.

The three-day protest forced the abandonment of classes at Happy Grove High, Manchioneal All-Age and Rural Hill Primary.

Principal at Happy Grove, Monique Grant-Facey, said that at least 30 sessions have been lost over the three days of protest. She said the school might extend its hours to recover the loss time. Only 12 out of more than 1,300 students attended Happy Grove yesterday.

Yesterday, Member of Parliament for Eastern Portland, Dr Linvale Bloomfield, told the angry protesters that asphalt work would begin, however, the operators made it clear that they had no interest in promises.

The protesters are adamant that they are willing to continue to bear the inconvenience and hardships being dealt to students and the work force.

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