COPS KILL 20-YEAR-OLD DON ...Mother said he was marked for death since age 12

September 13, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Members of the security forces keep watch as residents residents converge at the spot where Steve Allen was shot and killed yesterday.

Minutes after her 20 year old son Steve Allen was shot and killed by police in Wellington Street, Kingston yesterday, his wailing mother, Joy Gayle, told THE STAR that he was marked for death from as early as age 12.


"From mi son a 12 dem a target him and every shooting weh gwaan yaso dem seh a him dweet," Gayle said. Allen, alias Frenchie, was last month named as a person of interest in connection with the upsurge of violence in areas of downtown Kingston. He has been described by the police as an area don, but his mother said he was simply hated by members of the security forces.




Frenchie, who stopped attending school at age 14, spent time at the Jamaica Defence Force's Up Park Camp base in a social intervention programme. His mother also claims that he was shot five times by thugs a few months ago, and that he had a "hot head".

"Mi daughter get killed eight months ago, and believe mi when mi tell yuh seh him nuh tek no revenge. Him jus bill. If Frenchie did wicked and bad as police seh about hundred man wuda dead fi him sister. Mi tell him say fi breeze out di place and him say 'Mummy, every weh mi go police molest mi so might as well dem kill mi a mi yard," she said.

Gayle said upon hearing the gunshots she knew it was her son even before she heard the wailing residents.

"From mi hear di gunshot dem mi know say a him dem kill cause mi feel mi belly move. Wi want justice cause a inna him underpants dem kill him and people hear him a bawl out murda!"

Howard Chambers, head of the Kingston Western Police Division, told THE STAR that Frenchy challenged the police in a shootout and was killed.

"The police were on patrol when they saw a known violence producer in the area who challenged them in a shootout and there was a chase leading to him being fatally shot," Chambers said.

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM), which is has a mandate to investigate abuse by members of the security forces, has commenced a probe.

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