Man accused of spitting in lawyer's face

September 13, 2016

A senior citizen was scolded in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday for spitting in his former attorney's face and making allegations that she is a thief.

Winston Wallace made an outburst in court when asked to plead on charges of assault saying, "Not guilty, sir".

"See the thief over deh suh. She thief over $1 million fi mi. Yuh a ask if mi spit in har face, ask har wa she do wid mi $1 million," he lamented.

Judge Maxine Ellis immediately cautioned Wallace, saying that making such allegations will affect how the complainant is viewed and that, unless he has proof, he should refrain from making such allegations.

"You are not here today to state what you think of her. You are here to plead," said the judge.

He warned that the utterance from the man could impact the lawyer's character.

"There are persons from the public here that will look on her differently. This will affect her character. Where is the proof? If there is none, then put a lid on it. If you speak without proof, she can sue you, sir," the judge said.

Wallace replied: "She sue mi already! A mi money mi want she gi me. Is over $1 million that lady ova deh so thief fi mi and mi want it back. Unu nah hear?"

Judge Ellis cautioned Wallace that he would be fined if he continued to ignore her warnings.

"I will tell you the same thing I told you some years ago. Control yuh mout! You are a man going up in age and yuh behaviour is unacceptable. I will fine you the next time you decide to speak like that. Maybe when there is a price on it, you will decide to stop it. Control yu mout, I say, sir. And I will strongly suggest that you get counsel because, by the looks of things, you're digging yourself in an even deeper pit," she said.

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