Please, help me save my school

September 13, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer A teary-eyed Cecelia Davis, principal of the Angel Daycare, which is located at Old Habour Road in St. Catherine.
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Cecelia Davis, principal of the Angel Daycare, interacts with students at her institution.

Principal of the Angel’s Daycare, Kindergarten and Pre-School, Cecelia Davis, dedicated 16 years to children but is at risk of losing her investment as she faces the biggest challenge of her career.
“Four years ago I was told by the landlady that she is selling the property, so I have to find $8 million to buy it. I refuse to close down this school and I’m prepared to fight with everything I have to acquire the funds to buy it,” she told THE STAR.
“I made a down payment of $800,000 and it took me almost a year to acquire [it], but she now needs the remaining $7.2 million or the property will be sold to someone else,” she told THE STAR.
The school, which has been operating for 16 years, is located at 45 Old Harbour Road, St Catherine. It has 54 students on roll.
Davis has tried several fundraising ventures and financial institutions but with limited success, leading to her seeking public assistance to continue her dream.
“We have gone to banks, but we don’t have many assets, so we got no help. All the money I earn I turn it over in the school to make sure that my children are comfortable. We have tried fish fries, baking and selling. We did a walkathon with parents and even University of the West Indies (UWI) students marching in Half-Way Tree ­ and had to endure crude insults, but we knew it was for a worthy cause. We made $21,000 that day,” she said.
Kimberley Kerr, a faculty adviser at the UWI, told THE STAR that she jumped on board in an effort to help Davis because of the care her son received while at the institution.
“My son was very well taken care of while he was staying in the nursery, and I believe that when an individual shows such a genuine care in other people’s children, it’s commendable and she really loves them,” Kerr said.
Meanwhile, the landlord, Marcia Grant-Dennis, told THE STAR that Davis is a very good principal and that is the reason she has turned down several offers to sell the property.
“We have to love our neighbours as ourselves, so I’ve been very patient, but I truly hope she gets the money to purchase the property, because that’s honestly where it’s at now,” she said.
Davis said that the ministry of education had promised her assistance but those remained unfulfilled.
“I came on the news few years ago asking for help and the education ministry reached out and offered $2 million at the time. I visited, called, wrote letters, and it all boiled down to me receiving no assistance. I’m asking anyone that can help to help. I will work hard to repay, as I can’t afford to lose my passion, my dream and my sole investment. Please help me. I’m asking for the ministry’s help once again,” Davis said.

If you want to assist Cecelia Davis in buying the school property, please contact her at 462-3145 or donate to the school’s account: Angel’s Daycare, Kindergarten and Pre-School, BNS account number 60145/953726.

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