Al Miller rolls out in Hummer after $1 million fine

September 16, 2016
The Reverend Al Miller left court in style, rolling out in a Hummer H3 like this one.
Jermaine Barnaby Rev Al Miller (right), accompanied by his wife, Jasmine Miller, makes his way to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for sentencing this morning.

Two-time convict Al Miller left the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in style yesterday, rolling out in a luxurious Hummer H3.

Miller, pastor of Fellowship Tabernacle in St Andrew, was fined $1 million or 12 months' imprisonment after he was found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice. This, after the then fugitive Christopher 'Dudus' Coke was found in a car the pastor was driving on the Mandela Highway in 2010.

In court yesterday, Miller's attorney-at-law begged Parish Judge Simone Wolfe-Reece for time to come up with the $1 million in order to prevent him from going to prison. Miller has until Tuesday to pay the $1 million fine or else he will go to prison for one year. His attorney Jacqueline Samuels-Brown had asked the judge to give him until September 30 to pay the money. She told the court that her client anticipates some challenges in coming up with the money.


high-end vehicle


However, not everyone shared the view that Miller would struggle to find the $1 million in quick time.

"A baby fine that fi Al Miller. One Sunday offering that ... . A joke fine that," said a male vendor, who was watching the proceedings in the courtyard.

Following the imposition of the sentence, Miller's wife, Jasmine, and son Jeremy sat in the backseat of the black, high-end sport utility vehicle while court staff processed the clergyman.

The popular pastor has maintained that he was taking the now-convicted drug kingpin to the United States Embassy in St Andrew to surrender to authorities there.

There was much celebration outside the courthouse yesterday after it became clear that the judge was not minded to send Miller to prison.

The vehicle in which Miller travelled did not escape the attention of persons who turned up in Half-Way Tree to wish him well.


press statement


"How yuh mean, mi pastor. Roll out inna yuh bummer (Hummer)," an elderly woman shouted as Miller was being whisked away from the court.

Miller, in a press statement issued on his behalf yesterday, said that the entire ordeal has caused him a pretty penny, even though his aim was to bring an end to a crisis which faced the nation.

"If the governing authorities, through their agents, the police and courts, are content to reward my service to a nation in crisis with a criminal record, coupled with the millions of dollars spent on my defence and in fines, then I am content to accept it. I will not appeal the decision of the court," the pastor said.

Michael Akins a pastor at Miller's church, said the Hummer doesn't belong to Rev Miller "Because he doesn't 'flex' like that".

"Someone was just kind enough to drop him off."

It costs around $6.4 million for a 2010 Hummer H3 in Jamaica.

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