Dominic was poised for greatness! …St George’s College saddened after footballer dies

September 21, 2016
Students of St George's College and members of the school's football team gathered at the school following Dominic's passing.
Referee's stood by dumbfounded moments after Dominic James collasped.
Coach of the St George's College football team, Neville Bell, reacts after finding out that Dominic James had died.


... St George's College saddened after footballer dies

Coach of St George's College, Neville Bell, was a broken man yesterday evening as he openly wept at the passing of his football prodigy Dominic James.

Bell told THE STAR that Dominic was a brilliant student, who had hopes of becoming a professional athlete, and that he was poised to receive a scholarship.

"He was a great youth, a great student athlete, who would have obviously received a scholarship. I met him when he came to St George's College, and I was so happy when he came to us from Jamaica College. He helped us last year to win a title and to get to two other finals. We were expecting him to do that this year as captain of the team, but unfortunately that won't happen boy...this one kind of tough," he said with a broken voice as tears flowed down his face.

Bell said that Dominic had all the qualities to be an outstanding professional athlete, and saw St George's as the right platform to have him advance.


realise his dream


"He wanted to play professional football and he had all the qualities to do that. I think it's one of the reasons he came to George's because of that opportunity. We are very big on academics and scholarships for the youngsters, and I'm certain he would both get a scholarship and realise his dream."

Yesterday, all hopes of Dominic realising his dreams were dashed when the youngster collapsed while playing a Manning Cup game against Excelsior High School at Stadium East in St Andrew. He was later pronounced dead at hospital.

"I heard when the assistant referee started to call for the doctor. I commend him for moving so fast. We and Excelsior both had medical doctors on our bench and both went out. When I saw the white of his eyes, it was obvious that something wasn't right. They said he had a seizure. His father took him to the hospital. When I called, I was told that he had passed," Bell said.

After coming to the realisation that Dominic had died, Bell said there was no moment of silence. Instead, they clapped.

"We clapped for him because he is in a better place. I pray for his parents because he is an only child. I have four children and can't imagine losing one, so I cannot even imagine what they are going through. I pray God gives them strength in this difficult time."

He added: "In times like these, the team needs a strong leader, but I don't know how strong I am right now. I asked them if they wanted to continue the season and they said yes ... for all of us, especially Dominic."

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