Motorcycle crash in Westmoreland leaves one dead

September 25, 2016
Oliver Smith died as a result of injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle crash on Sunday.

Oliver Smith kissed his newborn niece early Sunday morning and promised that he would return to hold and play with her.

But the 29-year-old resident of Gordon district in Westmoreland was unable to keep his promise. He died in motor vehicle collision along Gordon Road in Whitehouse, Westmoreland, on Sunday.

"Him nice and funny and nuh mek trouble. When mi talk to him this morning, him seh to me that everybody get a hold off a the baby except him. A Friday mi have baby. Him seh when him come back him a go hold har. Him kiss her hand and ride out, but him neva come back," Amelia Smith, one of his sisters, said.

Smith was driving a motorcycle along the Gordon Road when he collided with another motorcycle.

His sister, Amelia Smith, told STAR ONLINE that her brother suffered head injuries. Three other men were injured in the accident.

Another sister, Vinette Smith, told STAR ONLINE that the family is devastated by his death.

"Him nuh get no youth, but him love him nieces and nephews. The ones weh understand a pure bawling. This nuh feel real cause for years him a ride and the one time him crash him dead," she said.

The Whitehouse police have confirmed the accident and told STAR ONLINE that investigations are ongoing.


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