Digicel launches HD voice calls

September 26, 2016
David Butler

For the first time in Jamaica, over two million customers on the Digicel network now have access to high- definition Voice (HD Voice) calling for a crisper, clearer, more natural sounding voice-call experience with background noise-cancelling capabilities

Digicel on Thursday announced that it has enabled HD Voice for all customers using a compatible 3G/4G or LTE smartphone at no additional cost. The technology makes for a much- improved calling experience and requires both the caller and receiver to be connected to the Digicel 4G or LTE network in order to benefit from this enhanced feature.

The technology works by extending the frequency range of audio signals transmitted over the Digicel mobile network, resulting in a higher-quality listening experience. HD Voice makes it easier to recognise voices, distinguish confusing word or sounds and understand accented speakers.

Persons with impaired hearing can also benefit from this improved clarity.

According to Digicel Jamaica CEO David Butler, "HD Voice is an important technology to the advancement of our customers' network experience. For Digicel, it keeps us ahead as Jamaica's most advanced mobile network, always delivering innovation for the benefit of our customers."

The introduction of HD Voice marks another key milestone in Digicel's ongoing upgrade and expansion of its mobile network. In June, the company also launched Jamaica's first LTE network, delivering never-before-seen mobile data speeds up to 10 times faster.

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