Fishermen head to Pedro Cays as Matthew approaches

October 01, 2016
Omarie Morgan/ Photographer This fisherman does some last minute tuning to his boat as he prepares to head out to sea.

Several advisories have been issued to implore fishermen to avoid the sea as powerful Hurricane Matthew takes aim at Jamaica.

But these warnings have not served as a deterrence to some fishermen, one of whom reportedly left the Greenwich Farm Fishing Village in St Andrew and headed out to the Pedro Banks yesterday.

"Him just leave here gone a Pedro Banks cause we know seh nuttin nah come yah. Dem seh a Sunday the storm suppose to impact, enuh, and yuh know how far Pedro Banks deh? That a way over suh pon another Cay, almost like yuh a guh Haiti or Cuba," one fisherman told THE STAR.

"If him neva know seh him cuda go so far and mek it back, him wouldn't push out," the fisherman added.


His friend chimed in, taking jabs at agriculture minister Karl Samuda, saying that he should come to the fishermen as they can predict the weather.

"Samuda all right, enuh ... . Check him right now and see if him nuh well good so him can't tell poor man like we nutten cause wi haffi hustle fi wi own. A long time we a do this, so when we watch the weather, we know wa fi do. Trust me, we can predict it. Him nuh know nutten bout weather, so him need fi link we," the fisherman told THE STAR.

Another fisherman, who goes by the name High-Grade, told THE STAR that fisherfolk have to stay on the beach to secure assets.

"Mi deh ya long time, enuh, and all di weather weh a come me always prepared ,but yuh know we can't run lef wi asset dem so weh deya pon di beach," he said.

"Wi haffi jus heng off and anything a anything. If we fi swim with the storm, we just haffi dweet. Mi go to sea last night and out there really fair, so we don't know what the difference will be from this evening till tonight. Wi a wait and watch it," High-Grade said.

When asked if they had stocked up on non-perishable items to comfortably survive through the hurricane, their responses were met with hearty laughter.

"Buy up tings? We nuh have no money fi buy up things, but we prepared," one of the fishermen said.

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