October 03, 2016

Store operators in the Corporate Area and St Catherine are being warned to watch out for an armed robber who has been posing as a doctor.

At least three stores, one in Portmore and two in St Andrew, have been hit by the robber who dresses in doctor's garb and wears a stethoscope around his neck.

"Suppose yuh see the young man, how him handsome and carry himself good. Him neat and clean and well-spoken, that if you see him you would a wish he is your brother, son or husband. The entire salon in shock because we could never imagine he would do something like that," said hairdresser Kareen Corinthian after being robbed by a man parading as a medical doctor.




Corinthian, who operates out of a plaza in St Andrew, is left picking up the pieces. She told THE STAR that the robbery has set her back greatly.

"It really slowed me up, but what is more shocking and fascinating is how the robbery actually took place. It wasn't any regular old robbery that you hear about, this was well planned. The man came to the salon couple days before to feel out the place and tell we that he's a medical doctor and that he wants to do manicure and facial because of how stressing the hospital environment is. Him give him name and number and set the appointment for Friday and come back," she said.

It was then that she recalled that he walked into the salon demanding that his services be done immediately but then started acting strangely.

"After he came in and said we should attend to him now, he started walking around in the place saying that he had a long day in KPH emergency room. He asked to charge his phone, asked for a pen and paper and then asked to borrow my phone to make a call. He kept watching the barber and when he saw that a man was here, him start move really shaky. He walked over to where my bag was, and it was when he walked to the door that we saw what he had in his waist," she added.

"Believe me, if we did put up any kind of resistance, him woulda kill everybody. Him gone with two phones and all the money I had to pay my bills."

The matter was reported to the Hunts Bay Police station. An officer at the station told THE STAR that store operators need to be on the alert.

"Investigations are ongoing as we want to apprehend the suspect. Store operators need to be on the alert because although we can't say for sure that it is indeed the same person that has been doing similar crimes in surrounding areas, he seems to be operating under the same modus operandi. We are still investigating the matter," he said.

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