Sing Praise ministry helping the less fortunate

October 03, 2016
Shanique Samuels A beneficiary of the Sing Praise Outreach Ministry fits a shoe on her prosthetic leg
Shanique Samuels An elderly lady sorts through items of clothing being distributed at one of the monthly distribution days put on by the Sing Praise Outreach Ministry.
Shanique Samuels Distribution day organiser Teemars Spencer Aitken shares a moment with Daniel Campbell, a recipient of items distributed by the Sing Praise Outreach Ministry while another resident (standing) looks on

Special-education teacher at the Bellefield Primary and Infant school in Manchester, Teemars Spencer-Aitken, brought joy to parents and other members of the Bellefield community when her Sing Praise Outreach Ministry hosted a Distribution Day at the school recently.

Being the special-needs coordinator at the school, she had first-hand knowledge of some of the needs of the community which thrives mainly on farming. Spencer-Aitken said the distribution day was good because, over time, she had noticed there was a gap to be filled, so she took the initiative and sought sponsors to assist.

"For me, giving to others is a blessing, so I will continue to help persons in this way because I don't just have a passion for outreach, it is a calling," she said.


Spencer-Aitken added that this outreach was as a result of the growing need she noticed in the community. "I decided to extend the distribution to the regular school population and some of the very needy community members. I just crave the prayers and support of the world as they help me to help others to make a difference in the lives of these persons," she told THE STAR.

The Sing Praise Outreach has been doing distribution on a monthly basis since June last year.

"The first distribution we did benefited 16 families, but that figure has now climbed to 75. We distribute food and other basic items to the needy children and their parents in my special-education unit."

One of the recipients, a blind man named Daniel Johnson, expressed his appreciation stating "only a beautiful woman could have such a caring heart".

The ministry's sponsors Goodwill, distributors of NestlE products, gave the children little treats, including cornflakes and juice, while their parents collected food donated by Bishop Boyle Outreach and Resource Centre and clothes which were donated by the Savannah Cross Full Truth Church family from their clothes drive. Other items of shoes and baby clothes also came from the Reverend J. Spencer's Shoes and Baby Store, located in the May Pen Market.

Distribution days are also held at the Savannah Cross Full Truth Church in Clarendon on a regular basis.

"This outreach ministry would not have been successful without all the persons who volunteered their time and those who donated items, and so I just want to say a big thank you to all who participated and helped in any way they could, we really appreciate it," Spencer-Aitken said, pleading for more persons (sponsors) to come on board to assist with looking after the needy and most vulnerable.

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