Cops increase presence fearing reprisals

October 10, 2016
Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay

The police have already increased its presence in March Pen Road and surrounding areas of Spanish Town, St Catherine, following yesterday's early morning attack which has left five people dead and two others nursing gunshot wounds.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the police's Corporate Communications Unit, told The STAR yesterday that lawmen are trying to prevent any form of reprisal for the killings.  

“We have heavily increased police presence in the area and there will be a lot of initiatives implemented. Some have even already started and we will not be confined to the immediate area affected today but an expanded area because of the likelihood of reprisals,” she said.

Lindsay added that the biggest matter on the police agenda is to provide support for the citizens and that the lawmen are to receive external assistance to strengthen operations.

“We have things in place on the ground and more support will be coming. As the days go by things will become much clearer and we will be in a position to speak about what could have been some of the major motivating factors surrounding this attack. This family could have been targeted for more than one reason and this is why we have released the identity of one Marvin Campbell whom we think can assist us greatly in this investigation,” she said. 

The police has since released the identity of the victims, dead are two-year-old Koyandra Wynter, nine-year-old Revaughn Evans, 14-year-old Marvin Campbell Jr, Venisha Bartley 22 and Salesha Evans 24. 

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