Judge walks out on accused woman

October 11, 2016

Parish Judge Maxine Ellis scolded and walked out on a woman Thursday afternoon in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court after she lied.

Markesha Edwards, who is facing assault charges, stumbled over her words after she was asked why she took a year to return to court.

"A warrant was out for you for over a year and you didn't return to court. You went and had your baby, the child is probably walking now and yuh just a come back? How old is your baby?" Judge Ellis asked.

"Miss, no, no, the baby nah walk. The baby a 10 months. Mi nuh know why mi tek so long fi come, ma'am," she said teary - eyed.

Judge Ellis replied: "Lady, yuh really come here with yuh mouth spewing all kind of rubbish. We know when the baby born. That child is over a year old and yuh really come telling us 'bout 10 months. Lie! The child is over 10 months' unless it's a monster yuh carry! You are not telling the truth."

Edwards then belted out: "Miss, him is one but him not walking!"

Judge Ellis then walked out and Edwards was handcuffed and removed from the court.

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