Cop could be dismissed for sharing massacre video

October 14, 2016
Family members mourn the deaths of their loved ones after gunmen killed five persons, including three children, on March Pen Road in Spanish Town, St Catherine, on Sunday.

The police officer responsible for sharing gruesome footage of last Sunday's March Pen massacre, where five people were burned to death in the St Catherine community, now faces possible dismissal for his actions.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Wray Palmer, who heads the Inspectorate of Constabulary ,told THE WEEKEND STAR that sharing confidential information is in breach of the force's policies and anyone who engages in this kind of activity will face sanctions.

"They will be changed departmentally, and they will be tried in front of an enquiry. After that, the sanctions can range from being reprimanded to dismissal for that same act," Palmer said. He added that the officer responsible for sharing the video on Facebook was still under departmental investigation, after which sanctions would follow.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows the burnt remains of the victims as well as the rubble that was left as a result of the fire.

Meanwhile, Palmer is warning police officers to desist from sharing confidential information with the public.

"Let me make it categorically clear. The Jamaica Constabulary Force has departments that are experts in gathering certain evidence. So, a policeman attending to a scene has no need to take any photographs or videos using their personal equipment" he said.

"Whether it is posted on social media or it is merely sent to via WhatsApp, email, or text message, it is still in breach," he added.

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