Man allegedly breaks woman's leg with cell phone

October 14, 2016

A man pleaded not guilty to charges of assault in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court recently after it was alleged that he used his cellular phone to beat a woman repeatedly, causing her leg to break.

Taarol Esson opted to defend himself when he appeared before Judge Maxine Ellis, stating that his lawyer was avoiding him and that he would not pay any money for injuries the woman received.

"I will not pay for any injuries because I didn't do anything, and I will defend myself because when I call my lawyer, he isn't answering," he said.

The woman alleged that on February 16 she was sitting at a shop in Seaview Gardens, St Andrew, when she saw Taarol advancing towards her. She said that she jokingly put her left foot on the chair and that's when the altercation began.

"When I put my foot on the chair, he hauled the chair and my foot 'lick up' bad. Then I get up and push him, but after that him slap me in my back real hard," she said.

"Your Honour, my foot go through the iron supm. When him do that, I run towards a stone and him seh if mi lick him with it him ago lick mi back. So mi run off! Him run mi dung and kick weh my foot and start use him phone to beat me on my foot. It swell instantly and I couldn't stand up. Two persons part it and one help me home cause I couldn't walk," she said.

She added that she reported the matter to the police and that she was sent to the University Hospital of the West Indies.

"I was in therapy for three months and cast for two months and I had to go through therapy to walk normal again."

Ellis asked, "Do you have any questions to ask her, Sir?"




Esson said that she was lying because he told her boyfriend that she was giving him 'bun'.

"Your Honour, I didn't kick weh her foot and I didn't use my phone to hit her. When I approach her, she draw weh di chair and seh she don't want me beside her cause mi a informa! She seh mi a carry news to her man bout the other man weh she deh wid. Mi neva kick weh har foot! She a back weh and lose har footing on di sidewalk and mi start laugh an cuss bad word offa har. Then she get up and run fi a stone."

Ellis instructed both parties to bring their witnesses and copies of all certificates to the next hearing.

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