Justice ministry continues sensitisation sessions

October 18, 2016
Carol Palmer

The Ministry of Justice will begin the second phase of its sensitisation sessions on Thursday at the Justice Complex on Constant Spring Road, Kingston.

The announcement was made by Permanent Secretary Carol Palmer, during a regional principals' meeting held recently at the Pembroke Hall Primary School.

She informed the gathering that since September 1, 2016, more than 1,000 people were educated on its justice services. These included pastors, principals, senior teachers, guidance counsellors, justices of the peace, students and other upstanding members of the community.

Palmer said that the sensitisation sessions would continue to target these special groups. "However, the school community will be a focal point of interest for the ministry as it seeks to introduce restorative practices next year," she said.

According to Palmer, she understands and knows the importance of restorative justice practices in schools. "When properly implemented, restorative practices will afford a change in philosophy and culture and how the school operates," she said.

She further explained that it was a preventative move to deal with misbehaviour and indiscipline, and that it was not only geared at the students but also at the faculty, administrators, staff, as well as the support personnel in the way they relate to children who have been involved in unacceptable behaviour.

The second phase of the sessions will run until December 1, 2016 and will include community leaders from several parishes.

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