Escarpment Road Church celebrates 50 years

October 20, 2016
Reverend Stevenson Samuels

Fifty years ago, the Escarpment Road New Testament Church was formed. It had a very small congregation and services were held under a mango tree in August Town, St Andrew.

The Reverend Stevenson Samuels told THE STAR that the church has been involved in several community outreach programmes, and that reaching its 50-year milestone is beyond words.

"It's a subtle, sweet, nostalgic feeling right now. We have been through the struggles and stood our ground. We decided to celebrate greatly this year because we have put in the work with countless outreach programmes over the years that have been very successful," Samuels said.

The church's outreach programmes incorporate persons from all backgrounds and ages.

"We have been operating a well-developed basic school with trained teachers for over 34 years. The principal of the school recently completed her master's degree so it's not any pyaa pyaa thing we dealing with. We even have a computer literacy programme for basic school children, not just ours but those from another nearby school," Samuels said.

He said the church operates a fiber centre and computer lab which members of the community uses.




The church also provides free CSEC classes in various subjects and has an active homework centre that provides assistance, and the church boasts a benevolent programme that assists persons in need.

"We have assisted children of all ages with their homework, and we also have a benevolent programme where we assist persons in need. Especially for university students, we provide counselling, food and access to housing. We even have an adopt a university student initiative where we build relationships with students, and they come to our homes for Sunday dinners and basically become like our own," the pastor said.

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