Heartbreak for family as child killed on highway

October 22, 2016
Kevroy Boreland

It was only a few days ago that seven-year-old Kevroy Boreland of Mansfield Green in St. Ann, died after being hit by a motor car along the Ocho Rios bypass.

His heartbroken mother still has not mustered the courage to even enter the room of the child she described as loving and helpful.

"All him uniform and supm weh mi know say mi have prepared fi di other day mi can't touch. When the hour come inna di morning fi mi get him ready yuh know say only his things deh here, not him," Nicole Thomas told THE STAR.

Difficult as it was, she slowly recalled the moments leading up to the death of her son on Monday. She said the incident has left her 14-year-old daughter scarred.

"He was coming from the barbershop with his sister and dem a wait fi di road clear. When it start clear up him run cross the road without him sister but there was another vehicle coming so he was hit down," the mother said.


him run off


"His sister watch har little brother get lick down. She a tek it hard because she was holding his hand until him run off. She not even a eat right now," the mother added.

Terry Ann Taylor, the principal of Ocho Rios Preparatory school which Kevroy attended, said he was the most mature student in the class and that he possessed leadership skills.

"Kevroy was always the one in the class to take charge and I know of him being more mature than everyone in the class," she said.

"I was told that when the children didn't see him at school she were saying 'how Kevroy nuh come a school him mussi have ChikV'. They didn't know that he was dead," the principal added.

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