Jamaican escapes gun conviction, sentenced for drug trafficking in Cayman

October 25, 2016

A Jamaican man, who escaped a gun conviction in the Cayman Islands, was sentenced to 34 months imprisonment for his role in drug trafficking and other related offences.

Jamaican national Marlon Crowe, along with Caymanians Leon St. Michael Hydes and Clebeland Swaby Powery, pleaded guilty earlier this year to conspiracy to import 194 pounds of ganja and were sentenced last Wednesday to prison terms ranging from 34 months to four and a half years.

According to www.caymancompass.com, Justice Charles Quin found three men not guilty of possessing an unlicensed firearm and then sentenced them for the ganja in which the firearm had been found.

THE STAR gathered that on February 4, Cayman’s Joint Marine Unit on board the vessel Guardian found the men in a boat drifting approximately 20 miles off East End.

Also on board was a large amount of ganja.

The men were arrested on suspicion of importation of the drug.

A firearm and 64 rounds of ammunition were also found on the vessel that police officers later brought to Grand Cayman. 

Justice Quin found there was no case for them to answer to because there was no forensic evidence such as fingerprints or DNA to link any of them to the gun.

Attorney Crister Brady advised the court that Crowe, 34, had no previous conviction in Cayman or in Jamaica. 

Crowe was sentenced to 34 months, while Swaby and Hydes were sentenced to three and a half years and four and a half years, respectively.

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