Heavy rain hammers several Portland communities

October 27, 2016
Gareth Davis Sr Photo The Transport Authority office at Saint Margaret's Bay was also under water.
Gareth Davis Sr Photo This bridge in Saint Margaret's Bay, Portland was also under threat from the nearby Rio Grande.
Gareth Davis Sr Photo The road in Fellowship leading into Berrydale in Portland was also flooded.

Rio Grande valley, Portland:

Uncertainty surrounds the fate of hundreds of residents, who are marooned at Berrydale, Portland, following more than six days of heavy rainfall that has resulted in the only access route into that community being blocked.

The inundated roadway at Fellowship square in the Rio Grande valley tells a frightening tale, as murky water, which rose as high as five feet in some sections, have inundated the stretch of roadway leading to Berrydale.

 where the fate of residents including dozens of raftsmen, farmers, and business operators are unknown.

“Rain has been falling since last week Thursday," said a raft captain, who gave his name as Alfred ‘Pompidu’ Rodney.

“Every single rafting vessel has been washed away by the Rio Grande, which overflowed its banks. Several shops and homes were inundated up to 8 p.m. last night when I was leaving the Berrydale community, and the rain fell heavily throughout last night into this morning," he added.

According to Rodney, just about everyone living in the Fellowship area, which is approximately two miles from Berrydale are now worried, as they have not heard from family members and friends since last night.

Rodney noted that the situation is even worst as persons have not be able to communicate via mobile phones. He added that unless the water along the roadway subsides, there is no way anyone will be able to enter into Berrydale, unless one decides to swim, which is an even bigger risk at this time.

Meantime, several roadways in West Portland remains inundated including Chelsea, Spring Garden and Canewood, following more than 10 hours of intense rainfall in that constituency.

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