October 27, 2016


Jamaica College has been plunged into mourning for a second time in less than two months after 14-year-old Nicholas Francis was stabbed to death in a robbery attempt yesterday evening.

Francis' murder comes shortly after the death of one of his classmates Jordan Miller, who died of natural causes.

The third former was stabbed to death just outside the school premises, having just left school, and was making his way home on a Coaster bus.

"It is extremely difficult. I'm just leaving the hospital with other members of staff. Nicholas is a very quiet student. He doesn't give trouble at all," acting principal Wayne Robinson told THE STAR.

THE STAR understands that Francis was flung from the bus after he was stabbed for allegedly resisting to give up his cell phone or wristwatch.

"His hands were broken. The doctors said the stab went through his heart and he bled out," the principal said in a somber tone.


chased attacker


"I would love to hear what the other passengers did when they saw that man attack a 14-year-old boy," Robinson added.

THE STAR gathered that the driver of the Coaster got into action, and rushed the injured student to the hospital.

Our news team was also told that the students chased the attacker after he fled the scene on to Blue Castle Drive in Mona.

As confirmation of Francis' death came, members of the JC community were told by a key stakeholder that Francis' mother is "in total grief and his dad is just speechless".

"We need to pray for them, please. His mother is over him now begging him to wake up. Please pray for them!" he said.

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