Man given nine months for beating old woman

November 03, 2016

A man, who beat up a 71-year-old woman who gives him food on a regular basis, was sentenced to nine months in prison when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday.

The woman, who appeared to be shocked and slightly dazed, told the court that persons had been warning her to stay away from the man who assaulted her but that she still showed him kindness.

"Your honour, he has been in trouble so many times and I am the only person that has never turned my back on him. His own cousin and other family members want to have nothing to do with him,'' the St Andrew retiree said.

The accused, Shannon Francis, told the court that he hurt the woman out of frustration.

"To be honest, your honour, mi jus get frass out and lose my temper and lick her down, God know," he said.

Presiding Judge Judith Pusey scolded the accused and then sentenced him to nine months in prison.

"Is di ganja that yuh smoking mek everybody look pon yuh as a mad man enuh, sir. Yuh need fi learn fi control yuhself," she said.

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