Bartender murdered in Prospect

November 10, 2016
Gareth Davis Residents and fishermen converg on a fishing beach at Prospect following the slaying of a woman

The peace and quiet of one Portland community was rocked yesterday morning following the slaying of a woman, allegedly by two gunmen.

Dead is 39-year-old Lavern Harvey, a bartender of Prospect district in the parish. She was allegedly shot by two unknown assailants shortly after 1:45 a.m. Wednesday inside the establishment at the Prospect fishing village. Commanding officer for the parish Deputy Superintendent of Police, (DSP) Rex Swearing, said that the police's efforts will be renewed as they seek to bring those responsible to justice.

"She was shot in the left side by two men armed with handguns," he said. "The woman was at work at the bar, which is owned and operated by her family, when she was allegedly attacked by two armed thugs. We have not yet established a motive for the killing." DSP Swearing appealed to anyone who may have seen or heard anything that could assist with the investigation, to come forward. While this recent murder has created some level of fear among law-abiding residents, Swearing said the hard work put out by the police to stem crime and to disrupt the organisation and functions of criminal elements is reaping rewards. He noted that the police will stick by its mandate, which is to serve, protect and reassure.

DSP Swearinger added that there is no way the police will allow criminal elements to overrun the most peaceful parish, and as such, the safety of residents will have to be preserved at all cost. Meanwhile, the lawman revealed that a man is now in custody for the stabbing death of Delroy Taylor, a resident of Spring Hill in the Buff Bay valley of Portland, who was killed on November 2. The man is to be charged shortly.

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