Signs needed for May Pen bathrooms

November 14, 2016
FILE No vending will be alllowed in the town of May Pen this Christmas.
Mayor of May Pen, Scean Barnswell.


The Clarendon Parish Council says it is working to install proper signage in heavily used areas in an effort to ensure the public is aware that there are public restroom facilities available for use.

Public sanitary conveniences are a necessity for all major towns, and it is the responsibility of the local authorities to provide such facilities for the public.

The fast-growing town of May Pen is not short on public lavatories, but it lacks proper signage to notify persons that the facilities actually exist.

Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Scean Barnswell, concedes that inadequate signage for public lavatories is a matter that needs to addressed.

The parish council buildings have public sanitary conveniences to which the public has access, as well as all the major transport centres. However, there's none on Main Street heading south onto Manchester Avenue.

"We have been looking at specific zones to install public sanitary conveniences in that area, but we are yet to identify a suitable place that will need little work. A recommendation was made by the public health department to install a public restroom on the Bargain Village Plaza, but that is yet to materialise," he said.

There is a fee of $50 to use the lavatories in the markets and transportation centres, but those in the municipal council building are free.

The Clarendon Health Department said it is mandatory to have such facilities in heavily trafficked spaces such as malls, plazas and major buildings.

Dr Kimberly Scarlett Campbell, senior medical officer of health for Clarendon, said that if the facilities are available in close proximity to heavily used spaces, persons will actually use them instead of 'doing their business' in the nearest corner.




Urinating in public is a ticketable offence, and the Clarendon Municipal Council has prosecuted a number of persons found in violation. Persons who are caught urinating in public are ticketed by the municipal officers and must pay a fine of $2,000. A failure to do so leads to a court appearance.

Shelly-Ann Bailey has been a vendor in the May Pen Market for the last five years. She says there are two sets of bathrooms in both sections of the market.

"They are always kept clean, but sometimes a we who use it leave it dirty. But people are there who look after the bathrooms," she told THE STAR.

Venecia Smith, a resident of Denbigh who does business in the capital regularly, said she was unaware that there are public sanitary conveniences in the municipal council buildings available for public use free of cost.

She agreed that adequate signage would do well in alerting her to the nearest restroom the next time she feels the urge to 'go'.

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