One-legged man gets wheelchair from good Samaritan

November 17, 2016
Christopher Richards presents a brand new wheelchair to Errol Bernard

Losing a leg more than 15 years ago was a crippling blow to 58 year old Errol Bernard, a resident of Prospect in Portland, whose appeal for a wheelchair was finally answered.

Bernard said meeting Christopher Richards was probably an act of God, as his new found friend expressed sympathy and concern and made a promise to source a wheelchair. Bernard broke down in tears a week ago, after receiving a call that a brand new wheelchair would be presented to him in short order.

"I was moved by the phone call. After all this young man, whom I met by chance, has kept his promise to me, a nobody. I cried uncontrollably." Bernard was in his shop when a piece of board fell from the ceiling, pinning him to the ground and damaging his leg.

"By the time I got to hospital it was too late, "said Bernard. "The doctors tried everything to save my left leg, but after several days, they took the decision that it had to be amputated. I was devastated, and the next couple of months were challenging." About three years ago, he borrowed a wheelchair from a friend, but it got worn out. He also had a nasty accident after falling out of it, damaging his arm and leg. Richards said that after seeing Bernard's condition, he knew he had to help.

"It was my civic duty to assist, and along with help from my spouse, we managed to source a brand new wheelchair for the physically challenged resident. Life is about helping and sharing with other people. I thank God that I was able to help, and it was a joy for me to see a smile on his face."

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