Everton Fisher speaks ... gives himself high marks after debate silence

November 18, 2016
Everton Fisher

Everton Fisher kept his mouth shut for 51 minutes during Wednesday night's local government debate, and when he finally spoke it was about garbage.

Fisher is contesting the Balaclava division for the People's National Party (PNP) in the November 28 Local Government Elections.

On Wednesday he was one of three persons who lined up to speak for the party in the national debate, but remained mute for much of the 90-minute encounter.

Fisher, commenting on his debate performance, said he chose to remain silent in the opening 51 minutes because the questions posed related to matters "that I didn't think I should have made a comment on".

When Fisher spoke for the first time his intervention was about garbage collection.

"Solid waste does not rest in the parish councils ... solid waste rests in the hands of the minister," were Fisher's first words.

Up to that point he avoided subjects such as why should people vote in the upcoming elections; the perceived failure of the parish councils to maintain public order and to fight against informal settlements; corruption in local government and street lighting.

"Most of the issues that were dealt with in the first 51 minutes, they were matters that were related either to the KSAC or some other matter related to the Corporate Area, so I didn't see it necessary to go in because it wouldn't be my subject matter," Fisher said.

"I could not speak for areas that I have no knowledge of. The subject matter that I was prepared for, they did not come up in that first 51 minutes," Fisher said. "My subject matter was funding. ... How the councils are funded and the whole local government reform, none of which was discussed in that first 51 minutes."

Stunned by his silence on the platform, One Twitter user questioned if Fisher was doing the #mannequinchallange?

"All now me nuh hear him talk #JamaicaDebates," the user said.

In response to the criticisms, Fisher said, "People will from time to time make their analysis."

Asked to rate his performance, Fisher said: "You media people want to put me in trouble. I rate myself as having been very competitive."

Fisher adjudged the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) Keneisha Allen to have been the worst debater. He said Allen, councillor for the Spanish Town, was vulgar, petty and mischievous.

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