Portmore Vox Pop

November 21, 2016
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Robert Morris
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Terri Phinn
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Howard Salkey
Omarie Morgan/Photographer Neville Reid

As the Local Government elections draw near, THE STAR sought to find out the issues some residents in Portmore, St Catherine, believe their next councillors should address.

Howard Salkey, Bridgeport

There is a pothole right at the entrance of Bridgeport where I sell. About a month ago, water pipe burst and dig it up. Them throw dirt on it, and a pure dust it cause. It needs some asphalt.

Terri Phinn, Bridgeport

The road needs to be fixed. For example, the road that the police station and post office are on, as well as a lot of business places, it's really bad. Sometimes when people a drive come in, you see them a struggle.

Neville Reid, Bridgeport

They need to develop the playing field in the community into a multipurpose area, so that the residents can benefit. A lot of people use the area to hang out, walk, and so on, but so many times I see them fall over the big stones and bush on the field.

Robert Morris, Garvey Mead

We need jobs. The people them down here a suffer. Mi get redundant from my job four years now. Me see a lot of young people and big man wha just gather on the corner and sit down because we no have no work fi go do. We no lazy, we are professionals, but we no have no jobs.

Jason Anderson, Westchester

Mosquitoes is one of the main things. They are caused from the blocked drains. We need the drains to be cleaned. Once that happens, the mosquito problem will be solved because that's what breeds the mosquitoes.

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