Firearm found in false leg - Cops remove prosthesis, finds gun and ammunition

November 30, 2016

Police yesterday found a gun and 13 rounds of ammunition in the prosthetic leg of a man who was taken into custody for possession of ganja.

"This a rather strange and new one for us," Senior Superintendent of Police Vendolyn Cameron Powell told THE STAR yesterday.

Cameron Powell said Melvinton Brown,56, did not appear to be disabled as he was standing on two legs when he was being searched by the police. She said the man, who is a resident of Bowens Gate, Mocho, was arrested after the police carried out an operation in his community. He was reportedly found with five pounds of vegetable matter resembling ganja.


strip down


The senior cop said that in preparing to put Brown in his cell, police discovered the weapon, a Taurus 9mm pistol.

"We realized that he had this prosthesis and we have to remove it ... When we are putting persons in custody you have to strip them down, almost to zero, because people are carrying in all kinds of contrabands and we don't want to put our officers and fellow prisoners at risk," Cameron Powell said.

She commended the officers for making the discovery adding that had this weapon gone unnoticed things could have gone wrong in the cell.

"We will have to be even more vigilant when searching the entire person," the senior cop said.

"We have to be keen on what we are doing because with Brown being classified as disabled, we weren't expecting this," she added.


wake-up call


Cameron Powell said the find was a wake-up call for the police and they will be making sure they are thorough in their searches as they will not be leaving anything to chance.

"I can't recall seeing anything like this in my thirty-odd years of policing," she said.

"Everyday is a new day for policing and as the criminals keep changing their strategies we to have to change to match up with them," Cameron Powell added.

Brown was charged with possession of ganja and for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

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