Church loses $300 million - audit ordered to find the funds

December 02, 2016
Jamaican currency


A church located in western Jamaica has been drawn under the microscope by its members and community following the revelation that funds amounting to more than $300 million have allegedly been embezzled.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that a special audit has been ordered on the books of the church, seeking to identify the exact amount missing and over what period the funds were misappropriated.

A representative of the church told our news team, "The missing funds is the biggest talk in (the community)... and western Jamaica. It has to do with the sale of a property and other accounts of the church valued at 100 million each."

THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that the church operates as a 'business', with a shopping facility and a printery among other income generating facets.

According to sources close to the issue, four pastors were stripped of their positions while other persons were relieved of entrusted roles.


Keeping practices


A search by THE WEEKEND STAR revealed an advertisement that was placed this summer making reference to a stamp that could not be located in the church and as such a certain figure was no longer in authority to execute any business as part of the church.

When quizzed about the record keeping practices within the church, the member told our news team that an elder leader in the church became ill and things began to fall apart.

"During the time the head of the church became sick, things began to take place and even the general standard of the community was broken down. If you check the record a lot of crime is happening in the area", the member said.

Our news team was told that no official report was made to any investigative body pending the result of the audit.

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