'Yahweh's name will bring peace to our land'

December 08, 2016
Frederika Campbell
In this 2014 photo, Campbell uses a makeshift sign to assist persons in crossing the road. She said that since 2009 she has been instructed by Yahweh to be a warden at the pedestrian crossing in front of her community along Spanish Town Road.

A resident from the community of Majesty Gardens in St Andrew said that her telepathic ability which allows her to connect to an uncommon supernatural being has been protecting her fellow community members.

Frederika Campbell, 35, told THE STAR that her conversations with a supernatural being called Yahweh has kept her community crime free for months now.

"I realise that every time I call upon Yahweh's name, nothing can happen to the people of Majesty Gardens," Campbell said.

Yahweh is the Hebrew word for God.

She said that since 2009, she has been instructed by Yahweh to be a warden at the pedestrian crossing in front of her community along Spanish Town Road, and this has caused motorists to slow down whenever they approach the area.

"I realise that whenever I am out there, nothing happens to the schoolchildren and the traffic even slow down," Campbell said.

The mother of seven said that a few months ago, Yahweh told her to write his name on a wall in front of her community to protect its residents.

"I wrote 'Yahweh Name Only' on the wall. I told the councillor for the area, Carl Blake, that whenever I do my job of calling upon Yahweh's name it protects people in the community, and he just said that he has to do his job as well," Campbell said.

"They don't believe me, but I have to do my job."

Her children's ages range from one to 21 years old.

When asked how she finds time for young children with the huge responsibility that has been bestowed upon her, she said that because she calls upon Yahweh, nothing bad will ever happen to her children.

According to Campbell, her fashion designing talents help to provide for her children but her father, who lives in New York, plays a huge part in providing financial support her and the children.

"My fashion designing business is not always flowing, so my father helps out a lot," Campbell said. rewar

She said that she designs clothes for members of her community, however, her main cry to members of Majesty Gardens is not to support her business but to follow her and call on the name Yahweh.

"I believe if they call upon his name, the peace will continue in the community," Campbell said.

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