Despite setbacks, stabbing survivor remains positive

December 16, 2016
Though still not completely healed, Shanna-Kay can still smile as her faith remains strong
Shanna-Kay Campbell with her mother Carol Livingston.


After almost being butchered by her father three years ago, and still experiencing setbacks to date, Shanna-Kay Campbell holds firm in her beliefs that she will one day lead a normal life.

"God has brought me this far, and he wont give up on me," 18 year-old Campbell told THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, though she was struggling to breathe and speak.

The teen's troubles started when she was just 14 years old. She was attacked by her father, who had just been released after being imprisoned for murder.

"I was in my yard and my father came up behind me with a machete and drew me into the bushes where he stabbed me multiple times and slashed my throat," Campbell explained, adding that he did other unspeakable things before the police arrived and killed him.

In March, THE STAR highlighted Campbell's story and she secured enough funds to do the life enhancing surgery overseas.

She spent three months in the intensive care unit where a tracheotomy tube was inserted into the hole in her neck, and ran down her windpipe.

Without it, her throat would close up and kill her.


Became infected


Though it was sparing her life, the tube caused great discomfort and embarrassment for the teen, as it often became infected and emitted a stench.

Speaking was also painful, and secretions would fly out without warning.

Because of those complications, the Old Harbour, St Catherine resident stopped attending the Clonmel Junior High School at eighth grade, and had not attended school for over three years.

Between June and October this year, she underwent five surgeries on her throat at a specialist hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, with the aim of closing the gaping wound in her neck while keeping the windpipe open, to allow breathing and speaking.

But, she has now developed complications and her throat is slowly closing off. Her mother, Carol Livingston is worried sick, because local doctors cannot help.

"You wouldn't know how me worried and a fret. Me no wah lose her. Lord Jesus, mi dying fi the 20th [of December] come so she can go see the doctor overseas," said Livingston, who was on the brink of tears.

Despite, the seriousness of her condition, Campbell remains resolute that God has her back.

Though her Christmas will likely be spent in surgery, Campbell's zest for life is unaffected. She shared that one of her aims in life is to motivate others with her story.

She has since resumed her education at the Willowdene Group of Schools in St Catherine and aspires to become a social worker to help others like herself.

"I know what pain and suffering is like. I have survived it, and you can do it too."

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