Nephew kills uncles in Clarendon

December 17, 2016
Pennants Square, Pennants, Clarendon.

A Clarendon man was jailed yesterday after he was accused of chopping two of his uncles to death and seriously injuring a third relative.

Desmond McKenzie, 70, died on the spot, while his brother Cecil McKenzie, 60, died in hospital after they were chopped during a dispute in Pennants, Clarendon, about 7:15 Thursday night.

The dispute is said to be domestic in nature and is believed to have stemmed from an ongoing matter within the McKenzie family.

Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, head of the Clarendon Police Division, told THE STAR that the nephew claimed that he was attacked by four men and that he used a machete to defend himself.

"There was a dispute and a gentleman said that four men attacked him, fired shots at him, and he used his cutlass to defend himself," said Cameron-Powell.

"They had asked the man to vacate the premises and he was in the process of doing that when they came, he claimed, and attacked him, and so he used his cutlass to defend himself. We are doing the investigations, but we are treating it as a double homicide, wounding with intent, and shooting," Cameron-Powell said.

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