Sickler pleads for a home

December 28, 2016
Shanique Samuels Elmo Lewis
Shanique Samuels Elmo Lewis

While many will be sharing in the merrymaking and all the niceties that Christmas brings, St Elmo Lewis will be sitting home alone, hoping 2017 will bring him a more comfortable place to call home.

The 52-year-old Lewis has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease since he was a child, which has caused a deformity in his right leg.

"I used to live with my mom, but since she died in 2000, dem turn me out of the place we used to live. I went and got permission to live on the church compound, but they later told me I couldn't live there any longer either, so I had to find somewhere else to go," he explained.

Lewis has tried to better his situation, but to no avail.

"I tried to get in touch with Food For The Poor to get a house, but they said they don't build on government land without permission. So I went and got the permission and a letter from the MP and tried contacting them again, but all now I don't get no word from them," the visibly sick man told THE STAR.

Although he used to be a carpenter, he couldn't properly take care of his health and laments that since his mother died, "Mi a batter from place to place".

Lewis said his other relatives who are willing to help don't have much, and "is a friend give me here so fi kotch," he said, pointing to the dilapidated structure in which he now lives.

The house is located next to the Full Truth Church in Effortville, Clarendon.

"Where I sleep, the ceiling can cave in on me at any time and if me no careful, me drop through the flooring when me walk," he said.

Upon inspection of the premises, there were no sanitary conveniences, which makes the old house woefully inhabitable.

"Right now, if the owner turn me out I will have nowhere to go," he said, adding that he survives only from the little help from his church and concerned community members once in a while.

He is appealing to Food For The Poor to look into his situation and see how best they can assist him with a roof over his head because he is desperate and lives on his own.

"I would also like a likkle help to put up a chicken coop and rear some chicken so I can at least earn a smalls to supply my needs," he pleaded.

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