Malfunctioning fire hydrants concern Clarendon residents

January 11, 2017
Residents in Mineral Heights say the fire hydrants in their community are not functioning properly.

Residents living in the Mineral Heights Housing Scheme in Clarendon are expressing concern over several malfunctioning fire hydrants in the community.

President of the Mineral Heights Citizens Association, David Osbourne, says there are too many malfunctioning fire hydrants between Mineral Heights and Mineral Heights Manor Phase 3.

According to him, both communities have a combined 2,000 houses and approximately 6,000 residents.


Gutted by fire


"It is a disgrace that such a large community has only five certified functioning fire hydrants. Most fire hydrants are not working and some streets are without. We are calling on the National Water Commission and the Jamaica Fire Brigade to give urgent attention to Mineral Heights as it relates to fire hydrants," he said.

Osbourne said that in the past, houses in the scheme have been gutted by fire, but when the fire trucks turn up there was no water in the hydrants.

Checks with the Clarendon Fire Department revealed that there are working fire hydrants in the community, they could not say how many were actually functioning.

A representative from the NWC said the installation and maintenance of fire hydrants is solely the responsibility of the Jamaica Fire Brigade.

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