One of St James' most wanted faces court

January 12, 2017

A St James man, who allegedly stabbed another man to death and subsequently fled the parish in 2015, will have his matter heard before the St James Circuit Court on April 3.

Almando Bravo, a security guard of a Norwood address in the parish, and who was on the St James police's most wanted list, was remanded in custody by presiding High Court Justice Bertram Morrison when he appeared before the Circuit Court on Monday.

It is alleged that some time in August 2015, Bravo and the victim were involved in a dispute, during which Bravo used a knife to inflict stab wounds to the other man.

The victim later died at hospital, following which Bravo fled to St Elizabeth, but was later taken into police custody.

In court on Monday, Bravo's attorney, Adrian Dayes, told Justice Morrison that his client had not had an opportunity to seek witnesses to speak on his behalf, since he had been in custody following his recent arrest.

Dayes also said that Bravo fled to St Elizabeth out of fear for his own life following the stabbing, but later turned himself in to the police.

The prosecution took the opportunity to serve a number of documents to the defence.

Justice Morrison ordered that Bravo should be remanded until April 3, when the matter will be heard again.

The investigating officer was also bound over to return on the next date.

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