Evangelist calls child abusers mongrels


January 20, 2017
John Martin
John Martin

John Martin, an evangelist from the Gregory Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Gregory Park, St Catherine, said that the dog-like living of many Christians in Jamaica has led to children being sexually abused by church leaders.

He said this was prophesied in Philippians 3, verses two and three, in which the Apostle Paul wrote the words: "Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh."

"He is referring to Christians in our Church. He is not talking about the animal," Martin said.

"There are different types of dogs in the Church: poodles, Doberman, mongrels and German shepherd."

He continued: "The poodles are the stush people that don't talk to anybody; mongrels are the leaders in our church who are abusing vulnerable children, and the German shepherds are like me. Those members who seek to spread God's word without contempt."

Martin explained that behaviour of mongrels are causing persons to turn away from the Church.

"When we have incidents like the one we are seeing now a shepherd that is supposed to be leading his sheep how can the people have trust in the Church?" Martin asked.

He said that in order to rid the Church of 'mongrels', Christians in Jamaica need to pray more.

"We don't need demonstration to get rid of this problem. We need prayer," Martin affirmed.

He said that prayers have caused child abusers to be exposed, "and I believe more will be exposed because there are a lot of mongrels in the Church."

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