Gay, straight gang war leads to murders - May Pen mayor wants to reduce crime

January 20, 2017
Winston Maragh


A war between two rival gangs in Rocky Point, Clarendon, a division which recorded six murders last year, is said to have started over an ongoing conflict between homosexuals and straight men in the area.

Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that members of the Compton and Cuban gangs have been at odds for more than three years, so much so that battle lines have been drawn in the informal settlement.

Councillor for Rocky Point and Mayor of May Pen, Winston Maragh, explained that the war started because of a murder.

"I represent the community, and over the past two years Rocky Point has had numerous murders. There are two gangs - one over on the western side and the other on the eastern side. They keep fighting and we don't know what they are fighting for," he said.

"My investigation is that it started with a gang of homosexuals against a gang of heterosexuals. You kill this one relative, then they come back and kill. Reprisal, until everybody gets involved. One of those killed was regarded a good boy, but he was the brother of a bad boy. They couldn't catch the brother, so they killed him," Maragh said.


Ghost town


The mayor also told THE WEEKEND STAR that the entire community was flooded with guns.

"The police have managed to come in and intervene, and it has now calmed down. The main players were caught and some of them killed," he said.

According to some residents and officials, the crime situation has been so bad that the area is like a ghost town after certain hours.

"The fear is still there. If I call a community meeting now, they tell me start 2 o'clock and finish by 6," Maragh said.

All hope is not lost as Maragh said he has embarked on initiatives aimed at rescuing the community.

"My community renewal programme will take care of that when fully implemented. It will be over a four-year period. It is intended to reduce crime and make life easier for everybody," he said.

Head of the Clarendon Police Division Superintendent, Gwendolyn Cameron Powell, also told THE WEEKEND STAR that she is aware of the gangs operating in Rocky Point.

"Policing Rocky Point has been an issue, however, the police have been managing the crime situation," she said.

THE WEEKEND STAR spoke with several community members who said they were aware of the two gangs. However, no one was willing to state which one of the gangs represented the gay or heterosexual side.

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