Clarendon councillors beg for water

January 27, 2017
Winston Maragh
Water running from a pipe in Crooked River, Clarendon.

The councillors in Clarendon are calling for the hosting of a water summit, where all relevant stakeholders, including the National Water Commission, the Water Resources Authority and the Rural Water Supply Limited, meet with the Clarendon Municipal Corporation around one table to identify a permanent fix to the parish's water woes.

The call for the round table came from councillor for the Denbigh division, Joel Williams, who lamented that the municipal corporation needs to start talking less about the problem and try to identify a solution.

"It doesn't make sense we come here when the drought hits us and we complain. We need to sit down and brainstorm and find a way as to how we are going to solve the problem. Get the technical people from Water Commission, from the ministry, along with our local expertise, and let us knock heads together," Williams said while addressing members at the first meeting of the Infrastructure and Traffic Management Committee of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation last Tuesday.

Councillor for the Crofts Hill division, Anthony O'Connor, insists that the northern sections of the parish are severely affected by the lack of water.

"I have one of the divisions that suffer extensively in the drought periods, and I am suggesting that urgent attention be paid to areas such as Brandon Hill and Morgan's Pass to alleviate this problem," he said.

While O'Connor maintained that water can be harnessed from the Bull Head Mountain and gravity-fed to neighbouring communities, councillor for the York Town division, Uphel Purcell, suggested that completion of the Mason River Water Supply project, for which ground was broken in August 2015, can solve the water problems being faced in the north of the parish.

May Pen Mayor Winston Maragh assured the councillors that the Mason River Water Supply project would be given attention shortly. He also announced a month-end tour of some of the parish's water sources with the managing directors of the Rural Water Supply Limited and the Water Resources Authority to explore the possibility of improving the parish's domestic supply.

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