Inmate loses ear in acid attack

February 01, 2017
Janeico Fender
Janeico Fender

A former inmate who was severely burnt with acid while in custody at the Half-Way Tree lock-up is demanding that the full brunt of the law be served on a prisoner for the heinous act.
THE STAR understands that 20-year-old Janeico Fender was hospitalised for more than a month following the ordeal, which has left him scarred, deformed with a shrunken ears and a stiff neck.
The morning of November 22 is a time Fender will never forget.
"I had an altercation with a guy. I walked away and turned my back and he threw a bottle in my back and it explode. It was in a yellow plastic bottle. I got burnt in the upper back, both hands, neck and face," he told THE STAR.

Robbery charge

Fender said that at the time of the incident he was in custody on a robbery charge. He explained that he was arrested in July 2016 and later charged with robbery with aggravation after police said he fit the description of a robbery suspect.
THE STAR gathered that while Fender was in the hospital, he was granted bail through an attorney.
"My lawyer went to court on my behalf and I was granted bail. I have been going to court but the victim never showed up. At one point a family member came and said the victim was overseas and was not coming back. I don't have another court date on that matter," he said.
Our news team understands the accused has been charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and will return to court on February 3, where Fender is expected to make his first appearance since being discharged from hospital.

Awful smell

Fender told THE STAR that it was not the first time he had seen the infamous "yellow bottle" while in custody.
"I saw the bottle before it was thrown on me. About a month before I got burn, an inspector of police first came on the block with the bottle. He threw the substance in a hole. It gives off an awful smell," Fender said.
According to Fender, his attacker took up the bottle and threw it at him after it was accidentally left on the block.
While he waits for the matter to be resolves, Fender says he has been suffering at home with his medical bills mounting.
"It almost dry up still, but I have to see a therapist because the neck is stiff. The ear is shrunk. I have to do some more surgery," he said.





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