Landmark conviction - Gang member sentenced to 10 years in prison

February 01, 2017

Law enforcers scored a landmark conviction yesterday in the St Catherine Circuit Court after a gangster was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He is the first to be found guilty under the anti-gang legislation that was passed in 2014.

He is 22-year-old Jordan Markland, a labourer of Spanish Town, St Catherine, who admitted to being a member of the infamous Clansman Gang.

Markland was held by the Spanish Town police during an operation in 2015 and charged under the anti-gang law.

The police are signalling their intent to have more gang members placed before the courts.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkis, commander for the police's Area Four Division told THE STAR that the conviction is welcomed news.


Work in progress


"The truth is I expect many, many more because these works have been work in progress. Law enforcement officers are now familiar with the requirements of the law," Watkis said.

"I am aware that more than 300 cases have been in the system and I expect many more. It is really a wake up call to the gangster to use the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, change their ways and let's take back our country in a peaceful way going forward."

Watkis also told our news team that the conviction will also send a strong message to criminals.

"The team of lead investigators should now use this as a platform for us to seriously impact gangmanship in this country which is a significant challenge to our crime and violence environment, and look forward to progressing even further as a means to impact our crime and security environment," Watkis said.

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