Cops under probe for stealing 96 pigs

February 03, 2017
Some of the remaining pigs on Craig Blake's farm.
A section of Craig Blake's farm.
Craig Blake


A St Catherine pig farmer, who suffered greatly at the hands of praedial larcenist last weekend, is crying foul, saying his own investigations have pointed to a group of policemen being at the centre of the plot.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that about 96 pigs were allegedly stolen from a farm in Bushy Park, Old Harbour, between Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The farm owner, Craig Blake, said the estimated value of the stolen pigs is about $1.2 million.

Blake told our news team that he is not only worried about the loss of the animals, but also, given the circumstances, he is also concerned about his life.

"I came to Jamaica [from England] to build a pig factory. Saturday night after I leave my farm I got a call say somebody was on the farm. I drove up there and saw a car. The car got away from me. I went back to the farm and I sit in the bush and watch three guys with long guns making trips with the pigs in bags and putting dem in a car," Blake said.


Alleged suspect


Our news team was told that the car was trailed and note taken of the license plate. However, out of fear Blake did not approach the hoodlums, one of which he knew.

Blake told THE WEEKEND STAR that he and some family members went in search of the alleged suspect.

"When we find him, he took us to a location where him say his car was. Somebody run off leave fab soap, and we see the car with hog droppings, like dem did a try clean up the vehicle. Him start leak after we threaten him. Him tell we say a police involved and a police send dem fi go thief the hog dem," Blake said.

Our new team was told that while they held the alleged suspect, a policeman who was passing by stopped to see what was happening.

"In front of the police him say him a go mek we get back the pigs. That policeman called the Old Harbour police and they came to the scene," he said.

However, the policemen's presence didn't do much to help his cause, as Blake said no statement was taken from him.


Investigation confirmed


Blake told our news team that a report was later made to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) and the Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM).

THE WEEKEND STAR contacted MOCA and an inspector of police with knowledge of the investigation confirmed that a report was made.

The Inspector who spoke on condition of anonymity told THE WEEKEND STAR that, "He (Blake) has in fact made a report which is being investigated. He gave a statement in respect some to issues involving some law enforcement officers and the matter is being investigated with a view for the file to be sent to the DPP (Office of Director of Public Prosecutions)."

The investigating officer at INDECOM could not be reached.

Efforts by our news team to speak with commander of St Catherine South police division, Senior Superintendent Robert Bennett, proved futile as repeated calls to his phone went to a voicemail recording.

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