Males dominate road fatality stats


February 03, 2017

Twenty-four of the 28 persons that have been killed in traffic crashes since the start of the year are males.

THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that pedestrians continue to account for most of those fatalities.

According to statistics from the Road Safety Unit, 11 of the 28 road users killed were pedestrians.

Our news team understands that there has been a decrease in deaths from road crashes involving motorcyclists by 50 per cent when compared with the similar period in 2016.

To date, a total of 10 motorcyclists have been killed when compared to 20 in 2016.

The unit says it is making a special appeal to families, in particular males, to practise proper road safety etiquette by obeying the rules governing the road at all times.

"The majority of drivers involved in fatal crashes are males. This is not comforting, as families are losing breadwinners. This can have severe consequences for the stability of homes and communities," said director of Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare.

- A.W.

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