Male hooker's wig falls off during oral sex - Prostitute chased by angry mob

February 04, 2017

A male prostitute, who disguised himself as a female, had to run for his life when his wig fell off, while giving sexual favours to a man in Old Harbour, St Catherine, earlier this week.

His customer, who was being given a blow job, reportedly thought his conquest was a female, but got the shock of his life when he was approaching a climax.

"Him did a get a head (oral sex) from a sexily dressed person when it sweet him, and him grab on the long flowing wig. It drop off inna him hand and him realised that it was a man," a male resident said.

THE STAR understands that the man on the receiving end made an alarm, which alerted persons in the once sleepy fishing village that the prostitute was a male. An angry mob quickly descended on the prostitute, who reportedly made a mad dash for the Old Harbour Police Station, some 200 metres away.

Inspector Richards, sub-officer in charge of the station, confirmed that the man was rescued by the police, despite pleas from the mob that he be released for them to "deal with his case".

"This man could be a gold medallist fi Jamaica," a business operator said.

"Him really fast and move like a true athlete. Dem couldn't catch him. Only God can help this area."

Police personnel in the area also told THE STAR that the Old Harbour area is now being overrun by sex workers.

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