Cops arrest goat thieves

February 27, 2017
A goat stand on branches in an Ibiscus tree while eating the leaves.

The Chapelton police say the division has been grappling with an increase in the incidences of goat theft with two such occurrences in the last five days. On Saturday, thieves struck in Oaklands in Rock River, where they stole three goats.

It is reported that the owner, on realising his animals were missing, raised an alert and gave chase. The police, acting on information, intercepted a vehicle with three goats and three men aboard along the Sevens Heights main road, near May Pen in Clarendon on Saturday afternoon.

Investigations revealed that the goats were stolen from Rock River in North Central Clarendon. The owner has since identified the animals. The men remain in the custody of the Chapelton police, and charges are expected to be laid soon.

The police say over the last two to three months there has been an increase in reports of goat theft, and they believe the arrest of the three men on Saturday will significantly impact their praedial larceny activities.

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