SCQ : Ardenne soars past Wolmer's Girls

March 02, 2017
The Ardenne High team

In a dominant display, Ardenne High caused tears of disappointment to flow from Wolmer's Girls on Tuesday after the 13th match in Round Two of TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz, which, Ardenne won 40 - 25.

From the start, the odds seemed to be in favour of the confident Ardenne team comprising Themba Mkhize (captain), Addison Biggs, Dahlia Thomas, and Dominique Stewart.

Three of the members took the school to third place last year. The school also boasts a rich history of winning the competition seven times, the last time being 2015.

"We feel confident about every match we play. We practised, trained hard, and went through all the errors that we made in the previous match," Mkhize said in a pre-match interview.


Formidable opposition


Going into the competition, Wolmer's Girls, who placed 30th in last year's competition, conceded that Ardenne was a formidable opposition, however, they were still hopeful of a victory.

Nicole Thomas captained the Wolmer's Girls team of Taina Thomas, Tamoy Campbell, and Don-Johnelle Robinson. Their instructions from coach Duane Burke and Paul Thomas were to play the match and not the situation.

Having won the toss, Ardenne opted to start first and maintained a safe lead throughout the challenge. Round One ended with Ardenne on 11 and Wolmer's Girls on nine.

The speed section ended with Ardenne on 30, and Wolmer's Girls on 25. During the buzzer section, Wolmer's Girls gave a series of wrong answers, resulting in the final score.

The Heroes Circle-based girls were gracious in defeat.

"I think we played well, we gave our all. We ensured that we knew our stuff, and based on how we performed, it showed we knew our stuff," Thomas said.

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