Man tries to jump from bridge three times - Firemen say suicidal man puts strain on resources

March 14, 2017
Firemen and police try to remove the suicidal man from the May Pen bridge.

For the third time in about six months, members of the Clarendon Fire Department, as well as police personnel, had to be called to the May Pen bridge to remove a young man who made his way atop the structure, in what some are now saying is an attention seeking tactic.

Dorvan Meikle, who is believed to be about 20 years old, once again drew scores of onlookers and slowed the traffic flow during the evening peak hours on Monday afternoon.

In a bid to get him down, he had to be coaxed by a member of the fire department, who is now familiar with him.

Acting Deputy Superintendent of the Clarendon Fire Department, Orette Barnswell, says this is a dangerous practice as it puts a strain on the department's resources.

"If we are there trying to get him down and the department receives another call, we cannot leave him there. So we would have to call another unit to respond to what could be a fire or accident, which could take a longer time to respond," he said.

Barnswell says each situation must be treated as life and death, and so they must execute their duties in a fair and unbiased way.

However, the police say they are aware of what could have caused Meikle, who was an electrical student enrolled in skills training at HEART Trust, to continue the practice. Meikle is also a patient at the mental heath hospital where he has received counselling.

Head of the Community Safety and Security Branch, Inspector Owen Brown, says Meikel visits his office regularly and receives counselling on each occasion.

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