Jamaican women want 'matey' hunters - Females willing to spend big bucks to get rid of side chicks

March 16, 2017

Some Jamaican women have admitted that they would fork out big bucks to professional ‘mistress hunters’ to covertly get rid of their lovers’ side chicks and save their marriages.
Stacy Powell told THE STAR that side chicks have wrecked her relationship multiple times in the past, so she would pay for the service to save her marriage.
“Mi did a come from far with the first man, and mi let go after me find out about the side woman. Mi nah let go dah one here, so me would find the money for the service because me build a life with this one,” she explained.
THE STAR has learnt that ‘mistress hunters’ have become big business in China, where desperate wives hire trained professionals that are sent undercover to meet and persuade the ‘side chicks’ to end the affair.
One of the companies, Shanghai Weiqing Network, charges clients nearly CNY$100,000 (J$1.8 milion)per case. The business is two pronged, where, on one side, therapists evaluate the crises within the marriage and work out a way to maintain it, while, on the other side, ‘mistress hunters’ use psychological methods to persuade third parties to end affairs.


Though professional ‘mistress hunters’ are not yet on the island, Trevor Valentine, who operates Valiant Private Investigators in Jamaica, told THE STAR that he would offer similar services at clients’ request, once it is within the confines of the law.
He added that most persons who employ his services are suspicious wives or girlfriends.
“If I get 50 calls for the day, I can bet you that 45 of them is about cheating spouses or infidelity,” he said.
There is seemingly an exploitable market here in Jamaica, as several women who spoke with THE STAR said they would do what it takes to rid their relationships of mistresses.
“Most side chicks get all the love, all the excitement, all the attention, and the wife nuh get as much. So, if me can get rid of she, mi would pay any money once me have it,” Marrian Sadler, who is in a six-year relationship, admitted.
Tavia Kerr, who has been with her man for 10 years, said she would also use the service as she has fought side chicks for him already.
On the other hand, Kadie Brown said she believes only those from a certain class would employ the service.
“The wealthier side would. Poor people nah go care about that. Dem man have all three babymothers. Them just wah get tomorrow’s dinner and lunch money,” she said.


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