Student's death shocks school

March 23, 2017

Students, teachers and other staff at the Watsonton Primary School in Clarendon are now mourning the death of one of their pupils and fellow classmate who died on Tuesday.

Twelve-year-old Tyrone Mitchell, a grade six student who recently completed his GSAT exams, was found hanging from a tree in his yard sometime after midday by his grandmother.

According to investigators, the matter is currently being treated as a case of accidental death instead of suicide.

An air of sadness hung over the school as teachers and students looked on in disbelief yesterday, struggling to come to terms with the death of Tyrone. His classmates in his grade six class had to be consoled as they wept openly.

It was a security guard who broke the news to the school that sent them into mourning.

Tyrone lived at home with his grandmother, and although he attends school regularly, he was not in attendance on Tuesday. This absence, according to the principal, Marchelle Williams, didn't raise any suspicion as she thought he may have been ill.

Williams said the news came as a shock to the school because Tyrone was a pleasant and very active student.

"He was involved in school life. He was a member of the cadet, and a member of the dance troupe and was actively engaged in other school related activities. And academically, he was an average student. I'm in shock because we didn't expect anything like this because there were no signs of changes or irregularities in his behaviour that would suggest that he would want to take his life," she said.

Currently, the students are still receiving counselling from guidance counsellors. Support is also being provided by a trauma team from the Ministry of Education.

Principals from neighbouring schools, as well as community members, also visited the school to offer their support yesterday. 

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