Munro coach gets big bucks

March 27, 2017
Kayodi Drake, Munro College's quiz coach, speak with members of his team during their semi-final clash with St Jago on Wednesday.
Kayodi Drake, coach of Munro College.

Kayodi Drake, coach of Munro College's Schools' Challenge Quiz (SCQ) team, is set to receive a big $200,000 bonus, having qualified his school for Tuesday's finals against Titchfield High School.

Drake, who won The SCQ contest as a student in 2008 with St Jago High School, has built up a reputation as a specialist coach for the brain and mental dexterity inter-school competition.

The $200,000 bonus was just for making it to the semi-final, and Drake's contract is silent about what will happen if he leads his team to victory. One thing is certain: The city set on a hill is taking care of its big coach.

"The Munro offer was too tempting," Drake said about his move from St Jago two years ago.

"I was offered a house without rent nor bills; a monthly salary, close to a $100,000 a month, separate from my salary as a teacher."

After hoisting the trophy in 2008, Drake realized that his experience in SCQ had placed him firmly in a position to flourish as quiz coach.

"I think that when you have won as a player, it puts you in a position to know what is needed to do well in the quiz," Drake told THE STAR.

"I had some past questions from matches we had recorded from as early as 2002. I studied those tapes, so I knew what to do as a coach."

With a player's title on his rÈsumÈ, Drake took up an offer to coach Wolmer's Boys' School quiz team in 2009. It also gave, him the opportunity to be a part-time teacher.

Drake led the boys from Heroes' Circle to the semi-finals twice 2013 and 2014 but felt like he had exhausted all his options in trying to end Wolmer's quiz title drought, which dates back to 1983.

"I felt there was something deficient in terms of the culture at Wolmer's," Drake said. "Most of the years that I was at Wolmer's, I had teams that were capable of winning but they were never able to withstand pressure when it comes to a semi-final," he said.

His two semi-final appearances, though, were enough to cause his alma mater to make him a better offer.

"When I was leaving Wolmer's to go to St Jago, it was a result of getting a better offer," Drake said.

In his first year at St Jago, Drake coached his team to the final and lost to Ardenne High School. His appearance in the final as coach raised many eyebrows in quiz circles. And when his team made it back to the semi-final last year, it was enough for Munro to dip deep in their coffers to secure his services.

When asked if he would consider a move of someone comes with a better offer, this is how he responded: "I am actually enjoying the country life. There is a certain level of tranquility, fresh air ... I am pretty comfortable with the offer that I have gotten from Munro."

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